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Ross Lovegrove @ TED

Designing Ross Lovegrove's TED talk.

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Role Design Lead, UI design, Testing
Team Mikael Metthey, Ross Lovegrove, Andrea Morgante, Sarat Babu
Company Ross Lovegrove

Encapsulate Ross' Organic Essentialism philosophy and insights in an inspirational presentation.

An elegant and dynamic presentation to navigate fluidly between projects.

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Ross Lovegrove at TEDGlobal 2009, Session 9: "Revealing energy," July 23, 2009, in Oxford, UK.

Lovegrove presented Genesis which is a combination of different inspirations alongside a matrix of his earlier projects. By using what he calls "neural paths" he connects new types of products that he might be able to generate.

For example, a designed object might, over its lifetime (or span of ownership), change its own properties the way a living creature would in nature.

This project was an interesting communication challenge because it was essential to understand Ross’ thinking process before attempting to build an interface that would allow him to successfully convey his creative process.

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The Genesis presentation was designed to work across different platforms. The interface was designed specially for his talk and built to be re-used for future presentations. Therefore we had to consider flexibility between linear and non-linear interactions to allow for dual purpose.

We structured the presentation to offer 2 pathways:
1) Storyline (linearity)
2) Exploration (flexibility)

Key processes
- Selection of the featured projects during the presentation
- Rapid iteration of ideas from concept to prototype
- Exploration of animation and transitions for effective storytelling
- Building interactive mockups for testing

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Together, we worked (in his incredible studio) to prepare his TED talk that previewed the key aspects of his work. Working with Ross and his team was very inspirational. His design philosophy shows how we can learn from nature to inspire new ideas.